• The Concept

    A new living experience in harmony with nature.
    Just a few steps away is your back yard - a rich gathering of greens that form the lush forest embracing your abode. Then you realize you're in the perfect home, in perfect harmony with nature.
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  • Infrastructure

    Accessible and Conveniently located.
    Kinrara Residence shall be directly accessible via Bandar Kinrara's main thoroughfares of Jalan Kinrara 6 and Persiaran Puncak Jalil. It will also be accessible via an integrated network of trunk roads and highways.
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  • Product

    An executive lifestyle of stylish proportions.
    The abodes at Ambrosia come with charming dimensions designed to further promote a community living concept. Each living space leads to spacious common areas that foster a closeness among those who call this their home, creating a living environment that is harmonious in every way.
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